Interim financial management for financial services - Q Accounts provide expert planning and analytical tools for insurers and brokers

However much your clients might rely on you for expert financial advice to plan their insurances, mortgages, wealth, savings, pensions or investments, having an objective partner to assist you in running your own company makes perfect sense.

Q Accounts have worked with several organisations in the financial arena, so we understand the particular challenges you face in planning and running your own company, firm or partnership. For larger clients, we have worked directly in their business on an interim basis either part-time or full time to assist in solving business issues and process change management.

Here are just a few examples of our work in the financial sector:

Global Insurance Broker: helped with post-acquisition financial integration and aligning financial policies and controls of overseas entities in the Caribbean;

Insurance & Financial Services:  Identified and implemented new accounting and analysis processes to deliver required improvements for the Reinsurance business;

Specialty Insurance: helped to drive an outsourcing assignment transitioning Syndicate Finance processes overseas.

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