Q Accounts - case studies statement

Case Studies

The proof of the pudding: a selection of recent client stories to demonstrate the ROI we deliver

No matter what we claim to be able to do for your business, there’s nothing quite like a real endorsement from someone who has taken the leap of faith to engage us, and benefitted in the ways we promised.

So here are some genuine case studies from clients large and small, giving their view of Q Accounts:

From a Head of Finance Change Manager within the insurance sector:

I worked with Joy Quarrie on a Programme to off-shore finance processes to India. Joy was a pleasure to work with and I have highlighted some of the skills that she brought to the programme as follows:

  • Dedicated and committed to ensuring the tasks were successfully off-shored
  • Listens to all parties before responding
  • Pro-active in escalating/highlighting concerns to improve the desired outcome
  • Very detailed and shows a need for excellence and is willing to lead in challenging situations
  • Is driven to achieve outstanding results
  • Helps individuals to improve their performance
  • Effective in her ability to grasp concepts and delivers very quickly

Joy consistently received positive reviews and I would recommend her without hesitation.

From a manager in the television industry in London:

Joy’s analytical skills combined with her ability to listen effectively and understand the issues that the staff were having, made her a natural choice for us.

I found Joy’s committed and thorough approach most helpful as well as her ability to advise and provide insight on the impact of decisions I took or was considering.

From a Business and Lifestyle Coach based in Leeds:

Joy I owe a lot to you. The impact you and your services have had on my business is phenomenal. I didn’t anticipate such exponential growth in such a short space of time. Your services have allowed me to fully focus on my strengths while you handle what you do best. I look forward to our continued development.